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Colored Books

This simple plugin lets you format signed books with color by replacing § with &.


It adds fretless instruments that change pitch depending on your eye pitch, inspired by the Garry’s Mod Wowozela addon.

Tobacco Pipes

It adds a tobacco pipe item that can be filled with grass and smoked for that authentic tavern experience.

Pet Teleport

The plugin makes your pets teleport with you when using teleport commands.

Pet Saver

The plugin prevents your pets from being killed.

No Friendly Fire

It adds a command to toggle friendly fire on your pets.

Always Infect

It makes villagers always turn into a zombie villagers when killed by a zombie.

Botanical Replication

It lets you apply bonemeal to small flowers to duplicate them just like large flowers.

Picky Trees

The plugin makes trees picky about where they grow and prefer their naitive biome.

Endermite Parasites

The plugin makes Endermen drop endermites on death as a simple deterrent to cheesy Endermen farming.

Reuseable Ender Pearls

It adds a stable ender pearl item which can be used unlimited time.

Respawn at Home

It forcibly respawn players at their Essentials home.