Since middleschool, I’ve worked on dozens of personal projects spanning C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Node.js, and more.

# Games


An ASCII adventure about taking care of a mysterious pet!

# Software

Minecraft Resource Manager

Built in C# and WPF, MRM is a Minecraft JSON resource manager and data-drive asset generator. Its purpose is to make it easy to manage your assets when developing Minecraft mods, as well as automatically generating these assets using a flexible template system.

Online Tools

This is a collection of online tools I’ve made, such as a zalgo text corrupter and a Discord timestamp generator.


A hackable automation system that uses agents and events.

# Mods

Quality of Rain


A Unity mod for Risk of Rain 2. It adds a couple of quality of life tweaks that can be toggled on or off.


A Fabric mod for Minecraft. It adds new blocks, items, features, and QoL tweaks that aim to complement and improve the base game.

# Plugins & Addons

Da Toolbox

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A Garry’s Mod addon that adds a collection of useful tools for building and posing.

Mini Golf

A Spigot plugin for Minecraft servers. It adds a few mini golf related items to let you play mini golf with your friends.

Warp Books

A Spigot plugin for Minecraft servers. It adds a few end-game warp items: the warp page, warp book, and warp banner.

Meta Hider

A Spigot plugin for Minecraft servers. It prevents cheating through the use of modded clients by stripping server packets of information that vanilla clients normally cannot see.

Better Pickup

A Spigot plugin for Minecraft servers. It improves the item drop system with configurable options such as auto pickup, fast pickup, and more.

More Spigot Plugins

I have made lots of Spigot plugins, but since most of them are small, I put the rest of them on their own page here.

# Libraries


A crafting library for Spigot plugins. It handles custom items in crafting recipes and ensures custom items cannot be used in regular recipes.


A small library of convenient utility functions that I frequently use for my Spigot plugins.